Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions that I have received on this website are;

1. Do you consider all sites?
Yes we do. We have a solution for all businesses interested in a machine(s).

2. How often do you restock the machines?
We generally visit once a week, however if your machine needs restocking or any of your favorites run out, feel free to call us and depending on the time of day we
can arrange same day service.

3. Are there any costs to us?
No there is not. In fact there are even great opportunities for you to even make money. Feel free to contact us and see if we are able to assist you.

4. What if we experience problems with our machine?
Contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. Please do not forget that it is in our interests also to have the machines working properly.

5. Can we choose what products to stock in machines?
Providing the products fit, then yes.  As we do not have a contractual obligation with any of the larger confectionery and drink companies we are able to supply
your preferences. We provide a service for you.

6. Do you have insurance and public liability?
Yes we do, on all of our machines.